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Transformation Powerhouse

We want to break the silence about the scale and effects of sexual abuse in the UK. Please stand with us and join us on 25th July at our concert. There will be great music, including jazz, reggae, gospel, classical and R&B, something for everyone.

Our fabulous artists are Tracey Campbell, Cassandra London, Ali Webb, the Manna Twins and Ruth Dickson. The evening will be hosted by Marcus Morgan-Valentine.
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Transformation Powerhouse

Transformation Powerhouse is built on Christian principles to be a “Healing Centre”, empowering and supporting women and teenage girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. The aim of the Centre is to provide group and one to one support on-site.

Our vision and motivation for Transformation is explained more fully under Gee’s story. By clicking on the various pages, you will find details of the new Lounge now open for weekend live Christian music events, the residential facility planned, the services provided, our new campaign website, a booklet about Transformation as well as how you can get in touch or support us. You might also be interested to see a half hour “In Conversation” interview Gee did with Rachel Fisher on Revelation TV.

As a society we cannot continue to allow the issue of sexual abuse to be covered up. We must be vocal about this issue – prevention, support and exposure is what is needed, not silence – it is time for the voiceless to be given a voice. Please watch a recent 30 minute interview on Inspiring Women TV to challenge and mobilise the churches.

Please buy a campaign wristband, watch the campaign video or listen to the words of “A Child is Crying, Do You Care?” to add your voice and help to “break the chain of lies, secrecy, deception and fear”.

May you know the true peace and love of God,

Every blessing,