Building Developments

New Daycentre on ground floor

Our vision is for the creation of a completed integrated day and residential centre with coffee shop and book-shop, and ten additional bedrooms, training rooms, leisure and beauty facilities where we can offer a full programme of activities and support for people.

The first phase was completed with the conversion of the upper floors of 33 Vicarage Lane, and the next phase will see the conversion of the old pub area and the building of a new residential and support facilities in the basement and the old beer garden.

New facilities to be created

The Architect has created a series of high quality, welcoming, flexible and effective spaces that will respond to the needs and services as they change over time. The designs have been given planning permission, and the works are now well underway with expected completion of phase 1 by April 2012.

The facilities to be created will be:

A. Coffee and Bookshop and Day Centre (Refurbishment of existing - Phase 1)

  1. Coffee Bar and Bookshop
  2. Basement facilities
    • Music and IT Studio
    • Gym
    • Sauna
    • Treatment room for complementary therapies
    • Toilets and storage

B. New Build: Residential Unit and Day Centre

  1. Ground Floor
    • Entrance lobby, corridors, staircase and lift
    • Managers Office
    • Commercial kitchen
    • Dining and lounge areas with conservatory
  2. Basement: Training, activity area and storage
  3. Residential
    • 10 En-suite Bedrooms
    • 2 Quiet rooms
    • 2 Laundries and kitchenettes

C. New Build: Entrance and Quiet Room

  1. Entrance
  2. Contemplative prayer room
  3. Toilets and storage

Other accommodation

Transformation already has other properties near the centre to be used for anyone needing less intensive support, as well as for move-on accommodation. We will continue buying more properties within the surrounding community as appropriate.

Registered as Transformation Powerhouse Charity No.1091779