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What can you do?

Please take time to inform yourself of individual stories and life experiences, rather than turning a blind eye to the reality for so many children. None of it is pleasant, but this should not be a reason to ignore it. Please remember, we are just reading about it – children are living it! Everyone can be part of this campaign; you can help with time, finance, your skills or your voice.

When children are severely abused from an early age, some of them protect themselves by shutting down and blocking out their abuse. This results in what is known as “dis-associative disorder” or “ multiple personalities”. The person can only remember or talk about the abuse when they switch to one of the personalities that they used to protect themselves. This is very real and there are a few true stories that have been made into films.  “Sybil”, “Shattered” and “The three faces of Eve” are three that give a true portrayal of the effects, two of them can be seen on Youtube.

Organisations Working Together

We would like to see agencies that support victims and survivors working together, all with one voice saying “it must stop”. Our main aim must be exposing the level of abuse and demanding change to the current system.

We need to give public reassurance to the children still being abused – there should be large bill boards telling children that it is wrong and that they can get help “they” need. We need to be saying “it must stop now”. It is not enough that children can speak to someone but then go home for the abuse to continue. Does anyone really want to just tell someone and then go home for it to continue?

It is only by rising up and using our voice that we will be able to stop this evil continuing. We would like those that have been victims to join with us and talk about their experiences. It does not matter if people choose to not to go public with their identity. What is important is that their voices and real experiences are used to inform the public of the reality.  The more people we can get to talk about their experience, the stronger our voices will become as we demand the change that must be made.

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