A Child is Crying

The main aim of this campaign is to raise the public’s awareness about the realities of child sexual abuse, and it’s prevalence in every strata of society.

A child is crying

The number of women needing support due to being sexually abused will never stop or be reduced unless we deal directly with the fact that children are being sexually abused. We as adults are the only ones that can help them.

It is estimated that about 200,000 children in the UK are sexually abused every year, yet there are less than 3,000 convictions per year. 

The numbers speak for themselves – something needs to be done. Not only is this number abysmally low, it is getting less, year on year. Unless the public get very very vocal about this, it will not change – children will be left to be sexually abused, with no protection.

For this reason, we started our campaign A Child is Crying.

We want to get 1 million signatures on our petition

Telling the government to make this of the highest priority, and bring in the necessary changes, across society, that will be needed to tackle this. Please sign and share our petition

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Understanding the Campaign

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