Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help with the charity or our campaign. Everyone can do something and help does not need to be money

We need people to 

  • volunteer their time or skills, 
  • Offer their services at a reduced price – this could be helping to run sessions, help with site maintenance etc, cleaning the day centre, etc …
  • fundraise, 

Buy and Promote Campaign Merchandise

To buy any of the merchandise displaying the Child is Crying logo is not only an act of support and solidarity, but all proceeds from the sale of merchandise will be donated to the “Butterfly Fund” to help towards the costs of the services we offer. We want to be able to offer a free service to anyone not in a position to pay.


Time is a precious gift that we have all been given, if and when you are able to gift it to others, it is well received.

If you would like to offer some of your time to help support us in this ministry, please let us know by completing the form below. There will be a list of things that people can do to support us, from helping in the day centre, cleaning, gardening, admin and fundraising.

If you have skills that you think might be useful such as social media experience, trade skills such as plumbing, electrics, general odd jobs – these are all invaluable.

You may be able to offer us your usual services, but at a reduced rate – anything you can offer, is amazing.

Even if you do not know what you can do to help, but want to make yourself available, let us know, we will contact you for a chat.


We believe the service we want to provide should be available to anyone in need regardless of their ability to pay for the therapy, or a room.

 To this end we have launched “The Butterfly Fund” and are asking for people to join us  by contributing towards the cost of providing this support. 100% of all money  donated to the Butterfly Fund will go towards the running cost of providing our services .

If you would like to donate directly towards the cost of running the therapeutic centre, to pay for the cost of supporting women in need, please use this link

If you wish to donate from a company account, instead of a personal account, you will need to send us your donation using a bank transfer.

Account Name: Transformation – Butterfly Fund
Sort Code: 60 07 18
Account Number: 43747612


All we have done, and all we will do, can only be through God’s will. We are grateful for the cover of prayer we have received through this journey, and we will continue to seek God’s will on a daily basis. If you feel the call to pray for us, please do so.

If you would like to join our prayer mailing list, then complete the form below. As and when we put a call out for more prayer covering, we will let you know.

Fill in the form below to get in touch with us

Transform lives today!

If you would like to donate towards the Charity, Transformation Powerhouse, this will help to fund the A Child is Crying campaign, and any fundraising and admin costs of running a charity