Powerhouse Lounge

The Powerhouse Lounge provides an integrated day centre with a coffee bar, where we can offer a full programme of activities and support for people.

The Powerhouse Lounge is our onsite multi use venue. It is a gathering place / Day Centre for anybody we are working with. It is an inviting room to relax and socialise, with two warming wood burning stoves, and plenty of seating. The Lounge has been decorated to ensure the people that use the space know that they are special and deserve to use and access beautiful, luxurious things. Abuse can damage your self esteem. We want everything we do, say and offer to heal this damage. 

The Lounge is a perfect place for us to hold some of our daily group activities.

“The Lounge is also  where we host live music events such as Women at the Well or our Annual Awareness Event for our campaign, A Child is Crying. These are always a special time to socialise”


Here are quotes from visitors to the Lounge

“An excellent venue, with a great charisma, vibe and hospitality about it. This is my 2nd visit to Powerhouse Lounge or Transformation Powerhouse. And I must say I would recommend it to all.”

“The surroundings are beautiful, stylish, elegant and plush. The staff are friendly, bubbly, chatty, helpful and like an old friend who you haven't seen for years that you just pick up with easily, every time you see them.”

“On this occasion, as the time before, I was visiting the premises for a celebration. The chandeliers that adorn the Powerhouse ceilings are truly exquisite and definitely represent the level of care, detail and attention that the staff pay to each patron who passes through their doors.”

“Hats off to the chef. They are worth their weight in gold. The meal was excellent.”

“The various performances, all of outstanding levels of excellence. Encouraging people to lift themselves up higher. Build themselves up higher. It is all in our power. I think all can agree, everybody took a little something from each performance. Looking around the room you could see the appreciation and the connection in every single person. It didn't have to be big, but it was there, and it was appreciated.”

“Transformation Powerhouse/Powerhouse Lounge. Don't change what you are doing and how you are doing it. Because you are the one. You are a classy, elegant, beautifully run business. And we thank you”