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Women at Well Events go from strength to strength

Singing and ministering to another full house, Tracey Campbell and Yvonne Sinclair were joined by Michelle Johns for a powerful and spirit-filled evening that changed lives on Saturday evening……..

“I can’t put into words what God did for me on Saturday night”…..

“Yesterday I felt really moved by Women at the Well, and I felt weird too, I feel different. I can’t even explain it.”

“There is true love here, openness, warmth, and the type of care that you’d get from a loving family”

“I was truly blessed by the ministry tonight. It forced me to face a lot of skeletons in my own closet”

“Since the first event, my life has been blessed and transformed by your ministry”

Just a few of the words written to us after the event on Saturday.

Women at the Well Events are now planned monthly with next dates sets for 13th September, 18th October and 9th November.  Please do book in advance as we expect more full houses !