Residential Facilities

Our residential facilities consist of 10 bedrooms with ensuites, shared modern kitchens and living areas.

We are working towards having the centre ready to take clients in May 2023, to include rent free accommodation, making it available to anyone who will benefit from a short stay.

When the site was purchased, in 2003, it was a working pub, which we converted to be used for the charity. We recently completed the building of some residential centre in the former beer garden:

Grace House, a four bedroom house 

Aspiration House, a block of 3 flats – 1, 2 and 3 bedroom.  

Most of the bedrooms are single, and some are twin rooms. All bedrooms have an en-suite, and share modern kitchens and living areas. They have access to a shared back garden and balconies.

They have been furnished to the highest standard and comfort. All of our clients need to know they deserve to be treated well. This will help to improve their self esteem, which is often damaged due to abuse.