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Transformation Powerhouse {insert weblink to current Transformation site front page) is a “Healing Centre”, empowering and supporting women and teenage girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. Established in 2002 , we are planning to build new residential facilities to complement the current support and counselling services.

The Powerhouse Lounge {insert link} was opened in August 2012 as both a daycentre and a high quality licensed venue for live Christian music and events.

As a society we cannot continue to allow the issue of sexual abuse to be covered up. We must be vocal– prevention, support and exposure is what is needed – it is time for the voiceless to be given a voice. A child is crying, do you care {insert link} is our campaign theme, and we are working with others in the field under the banner “Unity of Voices” {insert link} to mobilise the public to demand an end to sexual abuse.

Our vision and motivation for Transformation is explained in our booklet {insert link}.