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About us

Transformation Powerhouse was set up by Mark and Gee Patchett and registered as both a charity and a social enterprise in April 2002, aiming to:

  • Provide a supportive and safe environment that will give survivors of sexual abuse the security they need so that they will no longer be fearful of their abuser or the consequences of speaking out.
  • Offer support that so that they can be empowered to change the negative mindset they have accepted as “normal”.
  • Create a residential and extended community that will provide a caring, supportive, accepting family environment.
  • Give victims a platform to talk about what happened to them when the police and Social Services were first informed of their abuse.
  • Mobilize the general public to demand a change in the way that victims are treated by agencies that should be working to help them.

The seed of Transformation was first sown in Gee many years ago when as a young girl, she  was shocked by a newspaper story about a group of children that had been sexually abused by their father. The realisation that there are children and young people living in such fearful conditions with no one to help them made a lasting impression on Gee.

Transformation Powerhouse is a “Healing Centre” for women of all ages who are victims or survivors of sexual abuse, set up to empower the women who come to us to see and reach their full potential. We are creating a residential and extended community that will provide a caring, supportive, accepting family environment. Although we cannot change anyone’s past experiences, we know that once someone has a real desire to overcome the effects of their negative past, they will find all that is needed for them to succeed at Transformation Powerhouse.

Transformation is a charity that is run by people who believe in the love and power of God for all human beings. To know God’s love and power also kindles the desire to help those in need. Support and assistance is provided by Transformation to people whatever their faith and for those of no faith.  The Ministry will be under girded with obedience to God, prayer, and praise and worship.

Our approach and testimony is described in a beautiful song by LaShun Pace called ‘This Place’ in which she sings the words : ‘Trust me – right here in this place. It might not feel good where you are. Trust me.’ Listen to this powerful song of hope and encouragement.

Our mourning can be changed into dancing;

to bestow beauty instead of ashes.

(Isaiah 61)