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We currently offer a personalised service to respond to the physical and emotional needs of individuals that have heard about Transformation or been referred to us. This may be through one to one support or counselling with a bespoke programme to meet the individual’s needs, or increasingly through group activities which are currently being developed.

Our service offer is expanding as our facilities and resources are growing, and will be made up of a menu of bespoke components, It consists of courses, workshops and one to one support as part of a therapeutic community, and in the future will include:

  • a room in a safe and high quality residential facility
  • international home-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients, with emphasis on healthy eating and balanced diet
  • coffee-bar, IT suite, music studio, gym, sauna
  • sessional complimentary therapies (massage, reflexology, colonic, inversion table)
  • hair and nail sessions
  • group keep-fit, arts and crafts sessions 
  • group therapy
  • external speakers leading small and large group workshops
  • group review and support sessions, often around a particular relevant theme
  • individual mentor with support for personal support package
  • individual or group training for specific life skills and/or independent living
  • one to one counselling  sessions
  • weekly praise and worship

Our offer will be based around standard packages of services or courses/workshops , eg weekend, weekday, 7 day and 14 day courses, supplemented by bespoke packages for individuals for up to 6 months.

Our aim is always to offer an environment that gives them the safety and security that they have never had in their home.