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Launch of a movement to stop sexual abuse

unity-logoThe first Unity of Voices conference on Saturday 25th October was a great success. People came from all over England to Transformation Powerhouse in East London to discuss how to bring about the necessary changes to stop child sexual abuse in the UK. There was complete “unity” in the shared ideas, and everyone left with new friends, insights and commitment to work together on the next stage.

One person wrote: “It was so refreshing to feel so welcomed and for us to be talking straight to the point about stopping it. I think we have all often thought the same, everyone who works in the field wants to stop it happening, but often feel overwhelmed and silenced but to have you saying ‘we can do it… now we will do it and let’s start’ was so motivating.”

Many other organisations and individuals had been in contact before the day to say that they could not attend, but that they also wanted to be part of a movement.

Work will now be done to pull together the thoughts and ideas from the day, and a follow-up conference will be held in January 2015. If you wish to be involved, please do contact us at: or 0n 020-8552-93333